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Thank you for taking the time to visit the Josh McGuire Racing website, dedicated to Dirt Late Model driver Josh McGuire. We are grateful for your interest in Dirt Late Model racing and its infinite marketing opportunities. Through the continued growth of this segment of automobile racing, we feel confident that we can offer your company a level of exposure that will bring great benefits to the sales of your products and services. As you click on the various pages of this website, you will find details about the history of Josh McGuire Racing and their future goals and aspirations.

Automobile racing is one of America’s favorite professional sports; in fact, it is the number one spectator sport in the world! Every year, hundreds and thousands of fans spend millions of dollars to fulfill their craving for racing. A growing segment of this automobile fan base is the Dirt Late Model fans. These machines are custom-built racecars that race side-by-side for up to 100 laps on tricky dirt ovals all across the country. Combine this with the fact that they are racing against at least 24 of the best dirt drivers in the world at speeds nearing 120 M.P.H., and it is easy to see why the popularity of Dirt Late Model racing has skyrocketed in recent years.

The driver of the Josh McGuire Racing #41 Grand Prix is the young pilot, Josh McGuire of Ashland, Kentucky. Josh is more than capable as a driver and he is an excellent team leader, who has reached many heights in his young racing career. His knowledge of cars, his driving skill, and his devotion have brought him far in a short time. You can be sure Josh and his team will work hard and stay focused until they reach the top.

Now that you know a little about what Josh McGuire Racing has to offer, we would like to send you a sponsorship portfolio if you are truly interested in supporting the #41 team. This portfolio is designed to introduce you to some current marketing opportunities available in the world of Dirt Late Model racing. Then, we hope to make you aware of the benefits surrounding the overall marketing concept, ultimately identifying how your product or services can reach your target market within our fan base.

If you are interested in possibly becoming a marketing partner with Josh McGuire Racing, please contact them via email at


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